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Maintain your new and old equipment with copy machine, paper shredder, fax, and typewriter repair services from our business in Milan, Illinois. Merls Business Machines provides repair services for office equipment including typewriters, and we offer 60- to 90-day warranties, which vary depending on what kind of machine we repair. Contact us today at (309)787-6531 to ask about our office equipment repair services and supplies.

Find the specific ribbon, lift off tape, and correction tape that you need by visiting Merls Business Equipment. We carry a wide variety of typewriter supplies and offer repairs for different makes and styles. Our typewriter repair services are available for all kinds of typewriters, but we specialize in Brother™, Smith Corona™, IBM™, and Nakajima™. Call us today to schedule cleaning services, tune-ups, and replacement supplies for your typewriter. 

About Merls Business Machines
The experts at Merls Business Machines have 100 years of combined experience. We took over this business 25 years ago to provide the office equipment repair services needed to keep local businesses up and running. We offer complete repair services, as well as a selection of new and used equipment for your convenience.

Antique, Typewriter Repair

Equipment Repairs Are Available For:

 Copy Machines
 Paper Shredders
 Fax Machines

Contact us today at (309)787-6531 to learn more about our typewriter repair services.


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